Concrete pumping, abrasive blasting & mobile batching in Cloncurry, Richmond, Mt Isa & North West Queensland

Over more than 40 years of operations Bell Rural Contracting (BRC) has consistently delivered an incredibly high standard of workmanship and service. Backed by an experienced team as well as the latest technology and machinery, we can service domestic, commercial and industrial clients of all sizes. Based in Cloncurry and Richmond, we offer our services everywhere in North West Queensland, including remote farms and rural areas.

What sets BRC apart from other concrete suppliers are our 2 mobile batching plants. These are fully capable of batching 30 to 40 cubic metres of concrete per hour in any location you require. As a result, concrete pumping or spraying for large infrastructure projects can be completed in a fraction of the time, delivering huge cost savings. Our Cloncurry premises also has a fixed batch plant, capable of producing 30 cubic metres of concrete per hour.

Another service unique to BRC is spraying services, which can be used to concrete hard-to-reach areas, such as angled batter slopes. We have refined this service through extensive experience in concreting culverts and batter slopes along the Flinders Highway. 

All products are sourced from accredited suppliers, all mix designs are approved by Cement Australia and trial mixes are tested by a NATA accredited company. BRC also demonstrates strict adherence to EPA guidelines in all works undertaken. We are also a preferred supplier for the Department of Transport and Main Roads and RoadTek.

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